We have so many pictures of people who have visited and stayed at the Ranch.   Just  cruise through the website and enjoy!

Don't forget to check out the wall of shame at the Saggy Sac Saloon on premise!!

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Construction of The Saggy Sac Saloon began last summer from a Horse stall that was already built on the Ranch.  Since horses are not our area of interest, Kirk and I decided to build a fictitious Saloon . An old farts watering hole; a social place for our campers to enjoy there time, kick back and relax. Our focus is to establish an old western  Saloon with swinging doors, wood plank floors, old western decor, and loads pictures of friends who camp at the ranch.   There will be power, music and eventually bands on busy weekends.    Wherever your sitting or standing in the Saloon , its construction is open with views of the mountains and Ranch from all sides.  Bike parking  is available all around the Saloon. 



Dean ~ Kirk ~ Uncle Terry~ Kevin

Anyone interested in helping please let us know . 866-402-6777 

Kirk and I are supplying BEER and wholesome homemade food during the construction of the Saloon.   Any donations of old decor, stuff you may have sitting in a box going nowhere will be greatly appreciated.  Old Bike sttuff, wagon wheels, old beer signs, spittoons, picture frames, horse saddle, horse blankets, etc,. Whatever you have would be great. 

                  T-shirts are available Men's (L, XL, XXL ), Woman's( M, L, XL) $25.00.  All proceeds goes towards the Saggy Sac Saloon construction.  

                   Tanks men's L & XL,  Ladies tanks M & L.  If ordering on line please send me an email for instructions on how to Pay via PayPal. 

Thank You, 

Kirk and Cindy



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